Psychotherapy/ counselling

Psychotherapy – counselling help to deal with psychological and emotional suffering.

Psychological or emotional suffering can be expressed in different ways: complains about physical pain, difficulties in relationship, behavioural problems and frequent mood changes.

Through the “talking cure” between client and therapist we explore the issues and themes that concern us, we become more aware of ourselves and understand better how we function.

The goal of the therapeutic process is a better quality of life.

A few more words about PSYCHOTHERAPY

Psychotherapy is a meeting with another person (therapist-client).

The goal of this meeting is to observe and achieve awareness of oneself, of the relations with others and of the internal world.

Psychotherapy gives support in dealing with different kinds of problems and conflicts, anxiety, depression, unexpected events, sudden changes in life, losses.

When we get to know ourselves we can improve the quality of our life, decide what are our values and priorities.

Therapy meetings usually are scheduled one time per week and last 50 minutes.

Gestalt psychotherapy

In the beginning is the relationM. Buber (I –Thou)

This existential, phenomenological and relational approach is concentrated on the process going on between therapist and client (relation) and on awareness of feelings, needs, unfinished business and client’s resources and possibilities.

The process of therapy is concentrated on the “here and now”, the client’s phenomenology, therapeutic dialogue (I – Thou) in an atmosphere of mutual respect between therapist and client.

The goal of therapy is, through expanding awareness, to learn skills which will help the client to deal with personal difficulties, to learn to take responsibility for ones own feelings and decisions.

Gestalt therapy works not only with the symptoms it also and mainly supports working with the client.

The most important think in this process is to reach therapeutic alliance between client – therapist.